Monday, April 20, 2009

Scenic Ralli Paper

Sr. Luis Nunes is organizing a Scenic Ralli papel (paper) like the oldtimes and proceeds are for DOP to help out Scholarships.
You bring your own car. Have a Pilot and Co-pilot.
It's a safe and controlled race of getting from each point to a checkpoint until youreach your destination.
You will be given a set of instructions.
You don't know where the finish line is.
You must follow the instructions on how to get there within the time limits you are given.
You cannot get there early however or you will be penilized.
It's fun!!!

Please pass the word!!!

Sunday, April 26
Club Nucleo Sportinguista
Registration 8-9:30am
Ralli Starts at 10am

Cost includes lunch (buffet style): $20 (Pilot)$20 (co-pilot)

Come and have fun and Support Day of Portugal and Scholarships!!!

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